Intelligent Succes


With the latest academic knowledge and smart software we deep analyse scale-up companies on (future) markets, patents, network relations and opportunities. We do this mainly for investment companies so that their investments in scale-up companies can grow on cash-cow opportunities. With our business acceleration team we power up the sales and find the right people to extend future growth.
Deep Analyzing

At its heart, Deep Analyzing is about combining data between markets, companies, people and relationships to create insight. We use state of the art software for this. Its value in the simplest form is knowledge, but it can also be access to networks, people or markets.

Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration as a profession is fundamentally about making the right knowledge or sources of knowledge (including people) available to the right people at the right time. For us it’s the core of the process. Knowledge gives you heads up, because we know what is going to happen in the next few years.


On going projects, for details please contact us

1. Private Equity Firm

2. European Knowledge Institute

3. Safety & Security Company

4. Economic Development Program